Japanese Izakaya Restaurant
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We try our best at Yatai to be environmentally responsible and cater to our diners needs.

Ethical meat and dairy

Our chicken, pork, beef and eggs are all free range and farmed in New Zealand.

Respecting Diners Diets
Respecting Diners Diets

Catering to all individual needs, with gluten-free , vegetarian , vegan and children’s menus available. Our guests ask frequently for other special dietary requests which we do our very best to provide.

Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

A number of years ago we installed a large solar power system.

Workplace Recyling Resources
Workplace Recyling Resources

All our food waste is composted and we recycle all our glass, paper, plastic, metal and polystyrene.

locally produced and seasonal
Locally Produced and Seasonal

We do our best to use local and seasonal produce making for fresher and healthier meals

We hope you will come in and join us for a conscience free dining experience.

Opening hours:

Dinner: Tuesday to Saturday, 6pm to Late
(Will consider opening Mondays for group bookings)

Lunch: Takeaway and "By Request"