Japanese Izakaya Restaurant
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Yatai Izakaya - A great experience Come on in and let us serve you.

Yatai is an Izakaya (a relaxed dining style), a place to gather with friends, family or colleagues, to eat and drink at leisure. Who says “slow food” is something new?

Your group chooses a selection of dishes to share (forget the usual western custom of ordering individually). The main benefits of dining this way are; interaction, variety and relaxation. Sharing a wide variety of flavours and courses, you can”t help but discuss the tastes and textures. Waiting for the next dish to arrive adds to the excitement of the experience and sometimes you just love a dish so much,  you immediately order it again. Trying different dishes at your own pace, while enjoying the company of those close to you is what an Izakaya experience is all about.

The Japanese culture believes you should never have alcohol without food. Our menu has been selected with this in mind.

So, stay a while, relax and enjoy your Izakaya experience.

Best Ethnic Restaurant Winner: Yatai
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